Happy Valentine’s Day from COATS Staffing Software

COATS Staffing Software loves our clientsWe know you don’t have to worry about things like office romances at your staffing firm (we’re in staffing; who has the time?). And you probably know to keep any Valentine’s celebrations G-rated and non-personal.

But we’d like to take a day to say, in a totally platonic, non-squicky and professional manner: we love you.

Truly, we do. We know how much trust is involved in the relationship between our companies, and we appreciate that you place that trust in us.

We also appreciate the ability to help you when you need us. Oftentimes, we hear from you when you’re stressed out, and we like to think that we can make things better.

We want to help your company grow as much as possible, so your success is as important to us as our own.

So in the purest, most classical sense possible, we love you. (In the snifter-of-brandy, Barry White way… you’re on your own.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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