New COATS Versions: 4.3.4 for COATSsql and 9.0.7 for COATS Standard

Updated versions of COATS Staffing Software availableWe’re proud and delighted to announce the latest versions of COATS Staffing Software!

COATSsql version 4.3.4 offers more flexibility in transactions, greater speed in reports and the ability to work with Microsoft Word .docx files instead of having to save or open .doc files. COATS Standard version 9.0.7 has numerous minor updates to reflect state tax changes, further year additions in GMGP reporting and the fact that almost nobody has a floppy drive anymore.

What’s new in COATSsql version 4.3.4:

  • Purchase order numbers in Edit Transactions can now be up to 25 characters long, instead of 15.
  • Enhanced Tax automatically attaches CADI to local table for firms doing business in California.
  • Version 4.3.4 recognizes .docx files with Contact Notes for Employees, Clients, Banks and AP.
  • Firms doing business in Pennsylvania can create a Local Mag Media in Payroll.
  • The Michigan Mag Media list has been updated so you canto create a Mag Media File in Payroll.
  • Create Multiple Entry Transactions in General Ledger has been modified to allow users to save work after posting.
  • Staffing and General Ledger reports have been enhanced for speed.

What’s new in COATS Standard version 9.0.7:

  • GMGP now goes to the year 2016.
  • “Create Floppy” commands for reports have been replaced with a sequence to create files on the hard drive.
  • State quarterly reports have been updated, esp. for Pennsylvania, North Dakota and New Jersey.

To get the most recent version of COATS Staffing Software, and the most recent manuals, visit our Customers Only site.



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