“Just a quick compliment on Chris Martin: again he saved the day for me with my inaugural Global Cash Card payroll. It was frustrating for me and it took me 3 days to do payroll, but again Chris came to the rescue, speaking directly with Global and finding out what our report was lacking and taking care of it. Just would like to say, I think Chris is the greatest, and thank you for hiring such a fantastic employee. Another reason why I really, really, really like COATS.”

Wanda Smith
Symphony Placements

“I am quite happy I chose COATSsql as my software partner. From the get-go, Jessica made me feel as though the staff at COATS would take care of Krown’s needs. I didn’t get that same feeling from your competitors. I also want you to know that Chris Martin has also been a great help, a delight to talk with and he is so patient with me and my issues.”

Pam Weigand
Krown Employment Services

“Andrea Whitney is an outstanding employee. She perseveres with me until she’s sure I know what I’m doing, and is very patient and helpful.”

Frank Britt
Labor Force USA

“We would like to thank you, Tom, and your staff for the [client anniversary] gift, but more importantly though, I would like to thank you and Tom for the exceptional personal service that you have provided to Signature Staffing for the last 15 years. Your staff is very professional and proficient, as well as having wonderful personalities to work with. In addition, you and Tom have always been available when I needed some extra help. It’s the people make companies successful, and you have a great group of them.”

Steve Hill
Signature Staffing

“You rock!!!  Thank you SO very much for sharing [information on the Affordable Care Act].  I truly appreciate it!  COATS is a blessing!!”

Natalie Bement
EMI Staffing

“Thank you guys for being part of our growth!”

Arlene Camacho, PHR
ASAP Personnel Services, Inc.

“I want to tell you how pleased we are with the COATS system. Our transition from our old software went very well and our staff quickly acclimated to the new system. We find it very user friendly. The training program and follow up support from your technical staff have been excellent. Our whole experience with COATS has proven that you are a customer oriented company. We look forward to growing with the COATS system.”

Charles Corbett, C.P.C., P.R.C., President
Davis Smith

“We love the Online Applications! It makes the recruitment process much easier and yes we have embedded them on our website.”

 Tracey L. Wallace, VP of Marketing and Operations
Anchor Staffing, Inc.

Video review from Jeff Alvey, Dakota Staffing

Jeff Alvey
Dakota Staffing

“One of the many COATS features WinStaffing uses that’s made our lives easier has been the PDF Invoicing.  Prior to our utilizing this tool, we’d have to print our invoices, add the corresponding time sheets, stuff the envelopes and hope the post office actually delivered them.  Not only was that process cumbersome, but we also had the added expense of purchasing hard copies of our invoices.  Because we share one printer in our office, there would be times when recruiters would accidentally print emails over the invoices we were trying to process.  Obviously, this wasn’t an efficient use of our resources.

Now that we do all of our billing with the PDF Invoicing, everything works like a charm!  With a couple mouse clicks, we can electronically bill our clients within a matter of seconds.  No more printing snafus, stuffing envelopes and we’ll never have to buy blank invoices again.  Making this transition was incredibly easy, with almost no learning curve.  Utilizing the PDF Invoicing tool has saved us money on envelopes, invoices and postage.  I’d highly recommend using this tool for anyone still using hard copies and snail mail.”

Anthony Olson, Recruiter

“It seems like only yesterday, we were implementing the COATS system in our office.  We would not have been able to succeed over the years without your vision with the staffing software and the incredible support you provide when we are in need.  We will look forward to another 15 years of COATS products and services.”

Theresa Latasa Mumma, Vice President/Sr. Recruiter
Glendora Employment Agency, Inc.

“I have the utmost confidence when I call that I will receive guidance and expertise in helping me through my troubles. I know this because I’ve had to call and ask several questions, and every time, not only do I get QUICK attention, it is done professionally and with a great attitude.”

Stuart Kortie
HH Staffing Services

Read Stuart’s entire letter –>>>

“COATS Online Applications have streamlined our processes, freed up hundreds of hours of data entry and candidate intake time, increased candidate flow and  increased access to passive candidates. By having an online application we not only can refer all candidates to complete their application, reducing the time they have to spend in our office, but we have reduced the need to have a receptionist or recruiter enter the information of every candidate into our database.  This also improves accuracy of data entered. Because our application is linked to our job postings and many recruiting and social media websites we  have dramatically increased our flow of candidates. We are seeing different types and quality of candidates then we had in the past.”

Lisa Rogelstad, CEO
Star HR

“We have been very happy with the COATS program. More importantly, the upgrades are great and you really seem to listen to your clients.”

Tallulah A. Noel, President
Staffing Team USA

Video review from Stephen DeLegal, Hospitality Staff

Stephen DeLegal
Hospitality Staff

“We regularly use the Resume Parsing feature and have found the tool to be invaluable for quickly creating searchable records within COATS.  We primarily use the feature for candidates whose skills do not match a current opening, but who we want to easily find in the future. Rather than requiring a candidate complete an application, we can parse their resume directly into our database.  We have made a number of placements due to the Resume Parsing feature.”

Randy Shelton, SPHR, Recruiting Manager
Madden Industrial Craftsmen

“Chris did an awesome job supporting the installation and configuring the software correctly. He knows COATS by heart, and his level of support is something that you don’t see any more this days. He is a treasure to COATS; trust me on this one, I am talking to support reps all day long.”

Eldad Yacobi
Kamran Staffing

“COATS’ Online Job Posting has proven a great resource to use to advertise our jobs on our website and has generated very qualified candidates for our job orders.  Very user friendly for us as well as potential candidates. Great Program!!!”

Kathy Raymond, President
Slate Professional Resources, Inc.

“The Alpha Group, Inc. uses COATSsql for both our Sales & Accounting functions; we have been a loyal of customer of COATS since the early ’90s.  We recently decided to add the Resume Parsing option and we have been extremely happy with the impact that Resume Parsing has had on our full cycle recruiting process.”


Christopher Lihzis, VP of Sales & Operations
The Alpha Group, Inc.

“COATS Online Applications has saved us time in abundance with not having to have each candidate come into the office to fill out a handwritten paper application. Our applicants are happier and the process is a lot neater since we don’t have to sort out handwriting! We appreciate the ability to have our applicants go online in the comfort of their own homes and complete our applications. This also gives us more time to fill job orders and that makes for a happier employment agency all around!”

Anela Malaqui Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer
Maui Hot Jobs

Video review from Henry Graeber, Pro Image Solutions

Henry Graeber
Pro Image Solutions

“I have been a COATS customer for more than 10 years and have used Online Job Posting to post my openings for the last 4 years. The uploading is extremely easy as it is integrated in the software. Not only does it post to your own website but they allow you to broadcast it to popular free sites like Indeed for additional exposure making it even more cost efficient. I would highly recommend.”

Daniel B. Jones, Partner
Jones Networking

“I just wanted to let you know how easy the EEO-1 filing was this year since I learned about that button in training!  I just printed all 3 companies and combined then and the online filing took me half the time!”

Jana Collins, Human Resource/Contracts Manager
Information Technology Engineering Corporation

“Online Applications changed our entire business model.  Before we adopted this tool, applicants applied in person, after which our recruiters had to manually enter their information.  Quite frankly, under the old method, our recruiters were doing more data entry than anything else.  Not only has the online application process allowed us to streamline how we do things, because we only use this tool (no paper applications), it limits 90% of our face to face time to working with qualified candidates we’re actually interested in sending on assignments.  It has further improved the return on our labor dollars, as we were able to reduce our recruiting staff to more appropriate levels while maintaining an efficient operation.  I cannot say enough good things about the positive impact the online application tool has had on our business!”

Anthony Olson, Recruiter

“It is such a pleasure being a customer of COATSsql. The staff and support services are the best. If we need help, it is as if they are located in the office next door. They consistently offer a superior product, excellent customer service, and expertise that we believe is the best in the industry. In today’s fast paced, technology filled society where there is very little customer service contact, it is such a pleasure having COATSsql help run our business. We could not do it without them. A special “thank you” to Karen Connor and the rest of the team at COATSsql.”

Monarch Staffing

“Online Job Postings have been a lifesaver for Extra Help, Inc.  It gives us a broader and more professional pool of candidates.”

Jennifer Romito,
Extra Help, Inc.

Video review from Tonya Wemhoff, StaffCo

Tonya Wemhoff

“We have used COATS for approximately 12 years now and it is simply GREAT!!! Seamless front office, back office and website integration. We have multiple locations, no problem! Monthly newsletter, excellent website, continuous upgrades / improvements, outstanding communication with Karen Connor and staff. Technical support is first class. I would not even think of another staffing software if it was given to me.”

Ray A. Lattimore, SPHR
Marketplace Staffing Services

“The speed with which Chris at IntelliPath got us working again was unbelievable. I can’t thank COATS and IntelliPath enough for their support and help.”


Norma Ramsey, President
Our Gang Staffing, Inc.

“Here’s to another 15 years. It would have been a lot harder if it weren’t for COATS.”

Paul Madden
Madden Industrial Craftsmen

“You guys are the best!”

Sharma Spring, Bookkeeper
The Applied Companies

“Thanks so much! You folks at COATS are awesome… we are so glad we went with you. Judy is super and the support has been great.”

Karen Rehn, President
Helping Hands Staffing Services

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you, and your technical support staff, for the time and interest you have taken in our company. The efficient and expeditious manner in which our problems are handled is truly appreciated. Chris has been so patient and professional, as well as all of your technical support people. Thank you and everyone at Coats.”

Michelle J. Filak, Vice President
Employee Staffing Services, LLC.

“I would like to Thank You and your Support Team for their outstanding business relations they have provided Career Source this past year. I look back and now realize that I had nothing to worry about when I purchased COATS. You certainly do have topnotch Customer Service and Technical Support to go along with your lifesaving software! I am so thankful to have found you! Thank you for helping our business triple its sales this year!”

Daralyn Boutelle, Owner
Career Source

“Our firm has been able to grow to four offices over the past two years with the help of COATS. We find the system trouble free and uncomplicated in implementation and everyday use. Anyone can learn and grow their business using this software. Their customer service is top-notch.”

Ernie Trigilio, Owner
Blueline Staffing

“Online Applications has been a huge timesaver when it comes to inputting new employees. It saves us time and resources that would be spent printing and processing paper applications, and it saves labor time for data entry. Those few minutes per candidate really add up  when you look at a week’s worth of applicants!”

Samantha Mayberry, Recruiting/Staffing Specialist
HB Staffing

“I couldn’t have found a better match than COATS for our business! Your tech staff are the best! It’s like they are an extension of our office!”

Beverly Smith, President
CSS Career Staffing Services

“I became a COATS user officially on 3/31/98. I didn’t imagine what an impact it would have on my professional life. I’m now able to accomplish the same amount of work in less than 1/2 the time… You cannot (or maybe you can) imagine how simple payroll and billing are to process. COATS has thought of everything, when I do have a problem (because we made an error) the service is super. Thank you everyone at COATS.”

Jennifer Yester, President
A+ Temporary Employment Services

“Applied Staffing Solutions has been using Online Applications system offered by Coats for the past year.  It is the unanimous consensus of our staffing department that this systm has changed our professional lives in a remarkable way.
Our office is no longer congested with the time consuming lines and paper wasting process we used for many years and we are able to better manage our staffing representatives’ time each day..  Potential candidates can take their time while filling out private information from the safety of their  homes.  We in turn are able to preview and download only the applicants who truly meet our current client needs.  Online Applications also provides an instant notification of a person who has previously applied with our company, allowing us an invaluable opportunity to investigate their past performance before re-considering a new employer-employee relationship.  This system has proven itself to be the key component that was missing from the application process and we would consider it archaic to return to our former method of doing business!”

Judy Griggs, Senior Staffing Partner
Applied Staffing Solutions

“It was nice meeting you and your staff at COATS during our training last week. While the information could have been overwhelming you presented it in a way that wasn’t. We are excited to get up & running and feel confident that we will be receiving the best in support from your company. Thanks again for a great training session”

Cindy, Lee & Cheryl
Availability, Inc.

“We could not be happier with the COATS system, as well as your excellent support staff. We are looking forward to the release of the 7.0 version.”

Scott M. Shuster
Shuster Staffing

“Online Applications has streamlined our application process for potential candidates, making the process easier for them and us.  The Online Applications are easy for the Applicants to complete, typically take less time than traditional paper applications, and allows them to apply for positions at their convenience, not restricting them to our office hours.  The ease of downloading the applications into COATS, is definitely and added value.  It has also helped us tremendously in our ‘green’ efforts, dramatically cutting down the amount of paper we use.”

Karen Ellis, Director of Operations
TOPS Human Resource Solutions

“We all appreciate all you folks have done for us during our company start-up. You all went beyond your normal responsibilities. Thanks!”

Bruce Smith, President
Smith Staffing Services

“The use of the software is very intuitive and if someone is familiar with windows, they will find this product to their liking. This software gets my editor’s choice award.”

Phil Melbourne