System Overview

COATSsql is a fully integrated front and back office automation software solution, exclusively designed for the staffing services industry.


COATS Employee tracking and processing allows you to control all employee related functions. Applicants are easily entered via Online Applicant Entry and/or Resume Parsing and are processed and tracked from the Employee Records screen.


Client tracking and processing is completely integrated with COATS software. The COATS system ties the client to all necessary employee, job order, and payroll records for easy processing.


COATSsql is a fully integrated payroll software which automates payroll functions. Employee, client and job order information previously entered is used for processing of payroll and automatic billing.


COATSsql is the absolute leader in the staffing software industry with seamless fully integrated accounting software systems including; Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger.


COATSsql is the optimal recruiting software designed exclusively for the staffing services industry. With COATS recruiting software, a recruiter’s desk can be a paperless productive environment!