FLSA Salary Increase Halted

A federal court has enjoined the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) salary increase. The court’s order, entered on November 22, 2016, is a nationwide preliminary injunction. As a result, employers do not have to comply with the new FLSA salary threshold on December 1, 2016.

Cybersecurity – Pest Control for the Digital Age


Hackers and their network of attack bots do not care if you are a Fortune 100 company, the U.S. government or a small business. If they can get in and do damage, they have met their goal of you now having to call an ‘exterminator’.

Do You Have To Pay Your Employees For Time Spent In Training?


Does training count as work? Generally, if the training program is intended to improve the employee’s job skills, the employer must pay for the employee’s time in the training. There are some instances, though, where the employer is not on the hook.