The Age of AI Has Arrived


Artificial Intelligence is becoming an increasingly discussed topic and its potential influence on the staffing industry is of no less concern. Whether its effective customer relations, the potential to replace a certain career field, or to improve operational efficiency, the age of technology and machine learning is here.

Will the NLRB Finally Settle Joint Employment Concerns?

labor law

Over the last several years, several high-profile cases, most notably Browning-Ferris and Hy-Brand have come for a ruling before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The decisions have been cyclical, complicated, and convoluted, with the most recent involving conflict-of-interest issues. NLRB recognizes the confusion and in May issued a statement that reflects their desire to resolve the issue. What’s next?

Take Time for Training


Training reduces the skills gap and increases profitability and productivity, but employers should know the law and make wise hiring choices.

It’s not the process, it’s the attitude


No matter what the process an organization uses to be strategic, basic rules like being dedicated, valuing all members of the team, taking manageable and measurable steps, and avoiding perfectionism are surely helpful reminders to achieving success.