Lynn Connor, Tom Sarach, and Karen Connor at the NISA 2016 Owners' Meeting. Lynn Connor, Tom Sarach, and Karen Connor at the NISA 2016 Owners’ Meeting.The National Independent Staffing Association [NISA] held its annual owner’s meeting recently in Las Vegas to discuss the issues that effect the labor market. COATS ownership attended.

Several topics were discussed, including how to grow a staffing business, basic business management and financial considerations, legal issues (such as where we currently stand with the Affordable Care Act), and labor concerns (such as managing accountability, compensation claims, and how to source candidates).

“Whenever we go to a NISA owners meeting or convention, we always walk away thinking that we learned something,” said Tom Sarach, Jr., owner of COATS. “In this meeting, my significant takeaways were to beat up on your profit and loss statement for any potential savings once every three years and let your employees work to their strengths and interests whenever possible.”

In addition to working towards strengths and weaknesses, the changing dynamics of the workforce also seems to also demand more flexibility from employers. From the LA Times:

According to a recent survey by accounting firm Ernst & Young, millennials highly value flexible work arrangements, as well as paid parental leave.

Millennials are the most likely generation to say that they would change jobs or careers, give up promotion opportunities, move their family to another place or take a pay cut to have flexibility and better manage work and family life, according to the survey.

Technology development and becoming more efficient is consistently a topic driving business discussions because, ultimately, reducing costs, while providing the best value, is a key component of business operations.

COATS has been leading the charge on ensuring the staffing industry is prepared for the fluidity of ACA. Our software continues to ensure that the latest federal requirements are updated and that those updates are shared with our clients.

“ACA is hard and sometimes frustrating. But we are working equally hard on it and getting answers while developing our code,” said Karen Connor, VP of COATS business development. “We are working hard to make sure that we are delivering the most advanced product capable of handling ACA on the market.”

One of the reasons COATS enjoys the NISA conference is that it is a little different from other staffing associations. It’s primarily family- and locally- owned agencies that truly know their communities and customers – just like COATS.

COATS prides itself on having a support staff available to answer any technical question from our clients because we consider it a call from a friend. And the staff will always answer a call within 24 hours.

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