W2 form being filled outWell, it’s time to start gathering your W2 data together, setting up that file to export to your vendor and budgeting for them to print–oh, wait, no it’s not!

If you use COATS, you can print W2s directly from the software itself. The L4UP setting in COATS lets you print those lovely forms from your own printer for no cost other than paper and ink.

And if you’ve got the Global Cash Card integrated into COATS, your employees can view their W2 data from within your staffing agency’s site, so they don’t have to wait for printing or mailing.

Of course, you’ve always got the option of ordering your W2s from our forms partner, Brothers Printing. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Until some mythical day that employment data can be telepathically transmitted to and from the IRS, this is as easy as W2s are ever going to get.

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