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Client Portals?  What is that, how does it work?

Lynn Connor, COATS Staffing Software

Client Portal screen shotPortals in the staffing industry.  Are they needed?  Used?  Have you had a client call and give you a 3-minute review of at least a 20-minute, detailed role to fill?  They are busy, rushed and sometimes just don’t have or want to take the time to evaluate the job they need filled.  Especially, if they are calling when they are behind the 8-ball.  Is this a role to fill that your client has already advertised, recruited, interviewed and didn’t successfully fill?

A client portal provides your client with a secured, unified access point to add their own job order.  Once in the job order, your client can review prior orders and see details that were presented before.  Clients will typically follow the template provided.  Recruiters can then review the job order in detail after it is submitted and follow-up to request further details or obtain clarification.

Engage your customers with the ability to use a client portal to provide you with the details of the role they want to fill.  Just as texting is one of the highest desired forms of communication, your client may prefer to input data rather than spend time on the phone reviewing their needs.  Allow your clients to add or review job orders, at their convenience.  Allow for continuous collaboration with your clients using their preferred communication method.  Grow, retain your customers and lower your cost of doing business.

Clients may also review their invoices and can also update their account information.  Users can be granted access to their account information, job orders, invoices or both orders and invoices – depending on the security level provided.  This allows you to customize each client and their access ability.

This type of client access may seem alarming.  However, as soon as your client edits their account information, notes will appear in client/sales comments.  And, these comments will show both the previous and new information updated.  Changes to phone numbers, cell phone and email addresses are all examples of what may be edited and will be tracked.

The client portal report holds all the updated comment information for all clients.  This includes any modifications to any client department as well as any new job order added through any client.

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