COATS Staffing Software was happy to send our representative, Jessie Sierra, to Phoenix, Ariz. for the Annual TempNet Conference.

Jessie, in addition to being readily available to explain our new product, COATS Visual, was also able to participate in some of the great seminars and community service activities that the conference provided.

“Dave Mitchell, the author of ‘The Power of Understanding People’ was our keynote speaker,” said Jessie. “He spoke about different styles of people and how you need to know who you are selling to because each style has their own unique perspective on what is most important to them.”

Jessie, who is COATS primary sales representative, learned from Mitchell that the four main personality styles are: The Romantics; The Warriors; The Experts; and The Masterminds.

She also participated in a team building exercise: The Turtle Games. In this exercise, each regional team had to build a golf course out of canned goods that would eventually be donated to a local community food bank.

TempNet is a national group of progressive independent staffing firms committed to excellence in their industry. The organization is designed to support independent staffing company owners as a network to support growing their business, developing specialty niche markets, increasing margins, and more successfully competing in their markets.

COATS is proud to support TempNet and the work that they do for the staffing industry.

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