Pro Image Solutions logoPro Image Solutions of Florida was on the fast track to growth and needed a proven software solution.


Since 1997, the staff at Pro Image Solutions, Inc. has gained a reputation as Orlando’s premier professional full-time placement service. The experienced, knowledgeable staff at Pro Image has placed hundreds of skilled individuals each year into real full-time jobs with major firms in the Orlando metro area. They are committed to going the extra mile for timely, efficient placement of skilled individuals in a variety of positions and careers.

With high demands on staff and growth, Pro Image Solutions needed a software solution that delivered solid performance and a low learning curve. Pro Image forms long-term relationships with their clients by providing exceptional customer service with professionalism, integrity and ethical business practices, and they expected the same from their software partner.


Henry Graeber, founder and owner of Pro Image Solutions, wanted more than just off-the-shelf software. Henry recognized that the right software solution required thorough research to ensure the proper fit for Pro Image, and he embarked on an exhaustive search for the right solution. His search lead right to COATS.

Henry found more than staffing software with COATS, he found a company dedicated to the staffing industry. “We are in the people business,” Henry says, “and it only makes sense to do business with a firm that fully understands our industry and its complexities.” Pro Image Solutions not only found the software solution that best fit their needs, they found a true resource for staffing.

The COATS software was a solid solution from day one; Pro Image staff members were properly trained and found access to the support team “a blessing beyond just technical knowledge,” in Henry’s words. The COATS team not only understands staffing software, they understand how the staffing industry relates to it.

Furthermore, Pro Image found a partner that has the necessary involvement deep within the staffing industry to distinguish between the next fad and the sensible route to enhancing the products. “Technology is a beautiful thing when it performs repetitive tasks flawlessly and saves time in all aspects of the staffing profession and COATS is our solution,” he says.


Pro Image Solutions has become one of the most reputable staffing businesses serving the Orlando metro area and its suburbs. Since deploying the COATS system, Pro Image has added an additional remote office through terminal services and 10 more user licenses to handle the added staff.

“Staying current with the COATS updates on enhancements and having the excellent support from the COATS staff has made working with both the front office and back office integrated system a breeze,” says Henry. “After many years on the COATS system we can truly say that we made the right decision, and have convinced several other staffing firms to join the COATS family with the same results. We have enjoyed year-over-year growth since our partnership and we are extremely happy with our choice in COATSsql.”

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