Exit interviewThis recent article in the Wall Street Journal points to a trend that’s worrying for many human resources professionals, but that represents a potential gold mine for staffing firms. The opening example is of a 250-person company that eliminated its HR department during a restructuring.

The article continues: “Companies seeking flat management structures and more accountability for employees are frequently taking aim at human resources. Executives say the traditional HR department—which claims dominion over everything from hiring and firing to maintaining workplace diversity—stifles innovation and bogs down businesses with inefficient policies and processes.”

So who’s going to do conduct job interviews, write job descriptions, keep compensation and diversity fair, and ensure compliance with employment law? Well, how about your company?

One of the many benefits staffing companies can offer their clients is expertise in HR. After all, recruiting, hiring, onboarding and payroll is what the staffing industry does.

You’ve probably been offering these services to your small or start-up clients whose companies aren’t large enough to justify a full-time HR hire. But according to this article, medium-sized companies are increasingly receptive to the idea of outsourcing their HR, and that’s a vacuum that a good staffing company can easily fill.

We wouldn’t recommend suggesting that your clients cut their HR departments, though! Just make your expertise in human resources very clear to them, so that if they do decide to take that step, they know who to call.

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