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 Adam Day, CEO of TimerackAll in one Saas Cloud Solution Timerack

The phrase “time is money” isn’t just a cliche. As a staffing firm with a steady influx of new employees, you’re surely aware that the time you spend training and then tracking numerous locations and assignments is costing you money.

Imagine if you were freed from training employees on simple, repetitive tasks—like signing in and out of the punch clock. And what if you could remove the manual (and error-prone) process to easily track and assign individuals to various sites and jobs? Imagine how much more productive you could be…how much more time you could spend on high-value activities with clients and other employees.

This is why COATS Staffing Software has partnered with Timerack to take advantage of our intelligent punch clock application and intelligent assignment features.

Intelligent software that automates and self-guides manual tasks

Timerack’s intelligent punch-clock kiosk (called Intellipunchtm) is designed to simplify employee training for time-tracking tasks using automation and a self-guided approach today’s users prefer. For example, Intellipunch, guides the user, step by step, on how to easily clock in and clock out, using a PIN that you provide.

Geofencing helps ensure your employees are onsite

Another challenge as a staffing agency is trying to track the location and activities of your large pool of employees. The Intelligent Assignment feature in Timerack lets you track various employees and their activities, wherever they are at the physical job site. Our software uses “geofencing” to let you easily and accurately locate individuals onsite during their workday.

Seamlessly integrated to grow your business

COATS Staffing Software uses Timerack’s smarter approach to staffing challenges, letting agencies like yours spend more time on high-value activities with other employees and clients to grow your business.

COATS has seamlessly integrated Timerack’s time and attendance and payroll solution into their staffing software platform, providing greater value to their clients, generating new revenue streams, and improvingCOATS client retention and relationships.  We are proud to partner with COATS.

Our objective at Timerack, which was formed in 2013, is to deliver innovative time and attendance solutions, payroll integration, and HR services to help your clients or business manage its most valuable resource: time. We help our clients around the country make payroll processing a “non-event,” allowing them to spend more time expanding their businesses, serving customers, and attaining work-life balance.

Used by hundreds of staffing agencies around the country

TimerackTimerack was created with the demands of today’s hiring and recruitment firms in mind. Since its debut, our software has been utilized by hundreds of employment agencies around the country, and we’re always introducing new capabilities as the industry’s demands change. Our all-in-one SaaS cloud solution lets you automate and manage time and attendance tracking, payroll integration, client invoicing, and reporting all in one place.  Let’s continue the conversation.  Reach out to Timerack at or schedule your demo today.

Manual timekeeping systems, dated buddy punching protocol, paper time cards, and filing invoices are all lengthy processes that involve the potential for human error. If you would like to see Timerack through the COATS Staffing Software integration, schedule your demo or call 1-800-888-5894.

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