Social media is a great way to reach the masses, especially when it comes to posting jobs and searching for qualified candidates. For one thing, it’s free (although most do offer ad space for a price). For another thing, it’s an easy way to get your job openings in front of a lot of people. According to recent statistics, 79% of people in the United States have at least one social media profile. Worldwide, approximately 2.34 billion people are social media users.

Here’s how to tap into those powerful numbers when it comes to filling job vacancies:

    • Make the post interesting: Sure, you can just throw basic information up on a post that provides the job title and description, but people are often also interested in the company culture where they will be working. If there’s something unique about the client or the job itself, take some time to craft a message that showcases some of that personality.


    • Use hashtags: Using hashtags that help promote the job category—such as #devjobs or #designersrock—helps to weed out people who may not be qualified for the position and it gives the posting a bit more pizzazz. Hashtags are also a good way for you to track the effectiveness of the post and for people to share it with their friends, colleagues, and family members.


  • Non-job posts: Posting interesting stats about the job markets or fun facts about your own agency is a good way to build a following. People who may not be a good fit for one job may check back with you frequently if they find your content fun or exciting to read. That means when the right position does come along, they’ll be right there waiting for you.Customized Staffing Software from Coats SQL can make the process even easier. Our program can help you automatically post jobs listings to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as job posting sites like Indeed and Simply Hired. Once the resumes start flowing in, it can also help you create a candidate profile that can be tracked throughout the hiring process, saving you time and money.

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