by: Lori Williams, CTS, CPC, CSP

The way you think, every day, affects every part of your life.

The most irritating thing for me to hear is a sales person that speaks in obstacles or why something can’t be done. In fact, this is not a sales person. Great sales people talk and live in POSSIBLITIES! They hear “yes” instead of “no”. They’re optimistic about life and have a positive attitude.

So, develop your positive attitude!

A positive attitude helps you cope with daily life. By becoming more optimistic you will expect the best to happen. And, you know what? It will. I believe that what you think in your subconscious mind – will actually happen in reality. So guard your mind!

Decide to Have a Positive Day!

I call it “fake it till you make it”! Try it tomorrow morning, when you walk into the office pretend you’re in a good mood and life is full of possibilities. Before you know it you’ll believe it and it will be true!

Use Positive Affirmation (self-talk) to Help You:

• I will think of myself as Successful!
• I will have positive expectations for everything I do!
• I will remind myself of past successes!
• I will not dwell on failures; I just will not repeat them!
• I will surround myself with positive people and ideas!
• I will keep trying until I achieve the results I want!

What does a positive attitude look like? What are the benefits of a positive attitude
1- Constructive thinkingCreative thinkingExpecting successOptimismMotivation to accomplish your goalsBeing inspired

2- Choosing happiness

3- Not giving up

4- Looking at failure and problems as blessings in disguise

5- Believing in yourself and in your abilities

6- Displaying self-esteem and confidence

7- Looking for solutions Seeing opportunities

1- Helps achieving goals and attaining successSuccess achieved faster and more easilyMore happinessMore energyGreater inner power and strengthThe ability to inspire and motivate yourself and others

2- Fewer difficulties encountered along the way

3- The ability to surmount any difficulty

4- Life smiles at you

5- People respect you

One of the best techniques is the use of visualization which is the ability to use the imagination, to see images in our minds and then make them come true. If we add concentration and feelings, it becomes a great power that can make things happen. Used in the right way, visualization can bring positive change into your life. Think of it like this: the thought is the blueprint; the feelings provide the energy and the “electricity” to propel action.

The power of creative visualization can alter your environment and circumstances, cause events to happen, attract money, possessions, work and love, change habits and improve your health. It is a great mind power. It is the power behind every success.

Some people use this power in an unconscious manner in their everyday life and they are not aware that they are using some sort of power. So, guard your mind because if used unaware and those negative thoughts are there they will manifest in your daily life too.

How does it work and why? Thought is a power and has its effect on the material world. Thoughts, if powerful enough, travel from one mind to another. If we keep thinking the same thought, people in our environment perceive it and act on it, furthering, usually in an unconscious manner, the materialization of our desires. Now that sounds kind of “hokie-pokie” but look at this way. If you are naturally positive, then the way you approach and handle situations will attracts positive results. On the other hand, if you are fearful and negative, then you expect negative results, and behave, look, and talk in that way. And we all get what we expect.

By changing our thoughts and mental pictures, we change our “Reality”; we change the “illusory” world we believe we live in.

You can use the power of visualization, even if you do not accept what you have just read or it seems too far-fetched. Yet, understanding and accepting the above, at least in theory, will help you achieve results faster.

Very often we limit ourselves and cannot look beyond a limited circle. We limit ourselves by our thoughts and beliefs. The wider we can look at the world and ourselves, the greater are our possibilities. Any limits are within our minds, and it is up to us to rise above them.

Remember the “law of attraction”. It’s not a new idea. It has always been here from ancient times, and people have always used it. The principle is that if you keep thinking upon a certain subject, you will ultimately attract it into your life. Thoughts, mental images and feelings can move the subconscious mind and the Universal Mind to act on your behalf and manifest your desires.

The fact is that inspiration and feelings of elation are not enough to make this law work. You need to know what to do and how to proceed; otherwise you will get no results. Just thinking for a little while about what you wish to achieve is not enough, and might lead to disappointment, discouragement and losing of faith in the law of attraction and the powers of the mind, if you don’t get immediate results.

It is not enough just to visualize for a few times, and then wait for miracles to happen.

You need to have a strong desire and motivation, and the commitment to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal.

You need persistence, concentration, the ability to visualize, and at least some degree of self-discipline.

You need to learn to recognize opportunity when it appears, and to be willing and ready to take and use this opportunity.

You need to be willing to act and take the required steps whenever needed, and not just wait for your desires to materialize from thin air or suddenly drop on you from the sky.

In order to take full advantage of the law of attraction you need to know certain rules and follow them. It is true, some people achieve great success, without knowing much or anything about the law of attraction, but they intuitively use it correctly.

The law of attraction is not a method for getting rich quickly, without doing anything. It requires mental work, focus and visualization, and also the willingness to follow the mental work with any required actions on the physical plan.

Achieving your dreams and goals depends on several factors:

1. You should have a specific goal.

2. You have to be sure that you really want to achieve your goal.

3. You need to have a clear mental image of your goal.

4. You need a strong desire.

5. You need to disregard and reject doubts and thoughts about failure.

6. Show confidence and faith and persevere until you gain success

CHALLENGE: Create your own Visualization Board and place it near your desk so that every day your focused on the right goals.

Think before you speak – fill it with positivity – avoid the risk of fear – Guard Your Mind! Visit my website today for a great motivational song titled: Guard Your Mind!

by: Lori Williams, CTS, CPC, CSP

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