Spring Ahead 2012It’s that time of year again. No, not St. Patrick’s Day; that’s next week. No, not March Madness; that doesn’t start until Tuesday. It’s time for one of the more difficult yearly traditions: setting the clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night/Sunday morning for Daylight Saving Time.

Springing ahead is rough enough on most businesses, with employees who are sleepy on Monday morning. But if you’re staffing an industrial client with three shifts, or any other client that’s open seven days a week, you really can’t afford to have a worker forget the time change on Sunday.

Fortunately, COATS offers a way to remind all your workers to adjust their clocks, in just minutes from your desk. Use our texting function to select all the workers assigned to a client that needs them there on Sunday, then send them all a text reminding them to reset their clocks. Of course, we can’t guarantee that they’ll actually do it, but you’ve at least given them a reminder.

How does Daylight Saving Time affect your business? Do you have any other safeguards or processes in place to minimize the late workers on Spring Ahead Day? Let us know in the comments!

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