We all know that COATS can track your employees and manage their time, payroll, and so much more, but did you know that with its reports it can also help with your marketing?

Recently, a partner company of ours, Reliance Staffing & Recruiting in Hampton Roads, used COATS to generate an infographic from COATS reports to show how they performed in 2015.

Reliance was able to post on its pay accuracy, the number of checks processed, and how many applicants used the internet to apply; in addition, they showed the number of clients they had and the first time clients.

But other reports that could have been included were the number of associates that went temp-hire, the number of new applicants, the total number of people hired, the number of clients adding new jobs, and so much more.

Specifically, to obtain the temp-hire totals, we used the “Assignments ended report” and selected for the Last Full Year and selected “T/H” based on Assignment Status.

For New applicants for the year, we used the applicant tracking report for the last full year.

For the number hired, we again, use the “Assignments ended report” for Last Full Year and based the metric on Finished Assignment Status (FIN).

And, lastly, for the number of clients adding of new jobs, that data comes from the New Job order report, which shows the number clients, the number of jobs requested, and the number of workers placed.

These are just some of the reports you can run from COATS. It is truly a powerful tool to use for both internal information and your external marketing.

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