We recently saw this video on the official website of the book The Talent Equation. The book itself is about how companies can leverage data to attract and retain top talent, but it was the video that caught our eye. Not only was it eye-catching by design, it put some numbers to the hiring issues that are facing your clients in 2014.

Now, while judicious use of data can certainly help with all these problems, it takes a while to learn how to collect and leverage that data. Point out to your clients that they can save time and effort by engaging a staffing firm to help solve those issues.

The largest concern is that 11 million Americans are looking for a job, but 45% of American companies can’t find qualified candidates for their open jobs. That’s the “talent gap” or “skills gap” in action. One of the best ways to close that gap is to offer training to job candidates as a value-added bonus to your clients. That way, you can offer candidates who show up at the job with a strong knowledge base.

Extended job vacancies cost companies significant amounts of revenue, while adding to the pressure of managers to find and hire the best possible people. Your firm can take that pressure off of your clients, plus the shorter time-to-hire saves them money.

Which stats in the video match your experience of hiring issues, and which ones don’t? Let us know in the comments.

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