Finding Strong Candidates: Employment History

Finding Strong Candidates: Employment HistoryToday’s post is by Jessica Barber, Technical Support Specialist and Keeper of the COATS Manuals.

Are you recruiting as efficiently as you could? Or are you spending hours on data entry for all the resumes you get? If you said “yes” to the latter question, COATS has a way to eliminate that data entry and find the associates your clients need in record time.

Sound too good to be true? We call this minor miracle Resume Parsing. It lets you scan, drag-and-drop or even copy-and-paste the resume into COATS. You can create a new Employee Record or enhance an existing associate’s skills list using a scanned resume.

With one click, an application is created from the resume, including Employee Master Record information, such as static industrial and clerical skills, history fields, education data and a skill set for Boolean searching.

Already existing associates are not left out, either; their scanned resumes can still be attached and used to enhance searched skills.

Having the resume saved and searchable makes it so much easier to find the qualified associates your clients are looking for, which means you can spend more time providing great customer service and less time hitting “page down.”

Food for thought: Parsing means analyzing (a sentence) into its component parts and describing their syntactic roles.

Have COATSsql? Have a scanner? Have resumes that need to be entered, whether on paper or emailed in TIF, DOC or text formats? If so, ask about our Resume Parsing feature. Have hours to enter all those resumes by hand? If not, definitely ask about our Resume Parsing feature!

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