W2 form being filled out

W2 form being filled outIf you haven’t already done so, it’s most definitely time to order your W2 forms. Download the form from our partner Brothers Impressions, fill it out and fax it in before the end of the year!

Now, while you’re waiting for your forms to arrive, enjoy these bits of holiday-related tax trivia:

  • Maryland specifically exempts from the sales tax the electricity used in making artificial snow for commercial purposes.
  • Idaho, New Hampshire, and Washington State specifically exempt Christmas trees from the severance tax on timber.
  • The most misused Social Security number is 078-05-1120. Why? Because it was printed on a placeholder card in wallets sold by Woolworths (a perennially popular gift choice) and many people mistook it for their own.

Thanks for using COATS this year; we’re looking forward to helping you grow more in 2011.

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