Portal, like the one COATS provides

Today’s post is by Tech Support Specialist Jessica Barber.

Portal, like the one COATS providesTechnology allows agencies to become almost paperless. COATS helps our clients in a number of ways, including PDF invoices and by offering an employee portal.

Food for thought: Portal — a doorway, entrance, or gate, a website considered as an entry point to other websites, often by being or providing access to a search engine.

An employee portal can revolutionize your payroll day, payroll questions, year-end, etc.

Imagine how much you can do in the time it takes to stuff envelopes for paychecks. Or even at year-end, when there is already chaos, stopping to stuff and stamp the W-2s can be very time-consuming (not to mention the dreaded paper cuts!).

Employees being able to “call in” online and verify their records without actually calling in will also free up time on the phone, as well as confusion when an employee address is needed.

There are three user types for the employee portal: Employee, Payroll Administrator and Site Administrator. Each user type will allow you to view different pages and have different levels of access.

The Employee will have the ability to:

  • Check-in availability
  • Update contact information
  • Opt into W-2s online
  • Update passwords
  • View and print paychecks
  • View and print W-2s

…all by themselves, with no additional work from you.

The Payroll Administrator will have the ability to add new users, which will send a default email to the user with their login information. The Site Administrator will have the ability to create Payroll Administrators, while having the same access as a Payroll Administrator.

Does that sound like something your employees have been asking for (your associates as well as your full-time staffers!)? We can make it happen for you; just call us!

To learn more about the employee portal, call Jessica at 1-800-888-5894 or email her.

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