It’s kind of irritating isn’t it?  New version available, software update, upgrade now!  Sometimes you feel like you just can’t keep up with all the technology.  Like it or not, the newest version or software update is going to be improved and have more capabilities.  Don’t get left behind.  The latest software and applications are how we communicate best with the world around us, and not just at work.  If you’re a parent, you better know how to text, view stories on Instagram, and use Snapchat if you want to communicate with your kids.

Staffing software, same thing.  If your audience (applicants) prefer texting, your software should have that potential.  COATS has the ability to text groups of candidates and employees, as needed.  Ask candidates about their availability and interest in a role, update employees about a job site location or supervisor to report to, a shift time change or assignment ending.

If your staff has to write and post a job opening, they surely don’t want to have to rewrite and post more than once.  With COATS, post your job opening through our web ad feature and it will appear in several spots including your company website, Facebook, Indeed, Twitter, Simply Hired and others. This custom job board will be listed on your website and all your open positions will not only be listed here, but will be updated four times per day.  Time is of the essence in staffing and if you receive a job order at 9am, you can’t afford to wait until the next day to advertise and recruit.

Mounds of paper being used for applications?  Everyone wins when applicants apply directly on your website.  The candidate is then doing the work of your Admin by pre-completing their employee record in COATS when filling out the online application.  The applicant can now come to the office for their interview with 99% of the paperwork completed, allowing for more face time and discussion with your Recruiter.

Don’t automate the application process, without making on-boarding easier as well.  Automate the I-9, W-4, criminal record check and drug test authorization, and policies & procedures specific to your firm.  Allow your new employees to sign once with electronic on-boarding rather than filling out multiple forms with the same information, repeatedly.

Some staffing firms seek and desire the technological advancements available, while others adapt to what is required.  Your clients assigned employees should have easy access to online pay information, receive their choice of direct deposit or a pay card, be able to acquire their W-2, update their contact information and provide notification when assignments are complete.  Move forward and grow, as the industries you serve will likely use advanced technology and will expect the same from their staffing vendor.

If you are on COATS Standard, SQL or would like further information on all of our value added options on VISUAL, contact us for details!  It’s almost 2020, make it your goal to have the latest technology available.

~Lynn Connor

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