Client tracking and processing is completely integrated with COATS software. The COATS system ties the client to all necessary employee, job order, and payroll records for easy processing. With levels of security, staff can track and manage prospective and active clients throughout the entire process. With complete client contact information at your fingertips you are always on top of exactly what the client wants, needs, and expects!

The Client screen offers an unlimited amount of space to record valuable information detailed to each Client:

  • Sales –  Sales Contacts / Call Back reporting
  • Integrations of emails and appointments through MS Outlook
  • Sales/Staff – Commission Tracking
  • Credit score and limits
  • AR History
  • Tracks payment history through the AR button, open, closed and all invoices
  • Invoice features – Paper, PDF Invoicing, Custom
  • Collections – letters, contact, documentation, appointments
  • GM/GP reports drillable by Region/Branch/Department/Client/Job
  • Mark Up % Calculator – includes your Worker’s Compensation rates and payroll burden for true client quotes
  • Directions – auto link directions with MapQuest®
  • Department Contacts – unlimited Department info / e-mail
  • Strong contact management features for all departments
  • Mail Merge – built in sales letters to streamline documentation of CRM
  • Editable client reports providing fast response time to customers
  • Statement requests
  • Terms & Finance Charges
  • Web address access

Because time is money, let COATS save you time!

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