Employee tracking allows you to control all employee related functions. Applicants are easily entered via Online Applicant Entry and/or Resume Parsing and are processed and tracked from the Employee Records screen. COATS provides access to all data pertaining to each employee with the ability to modify or expand records at will.  Data from Employee tracking is shared with client, job order, and payroll processing so data is never entered more than once. Fully integrated Social Media options are also available.  An employee record holds:

  • General Employee Information
  • Searching by phone(s), email, SSN, nick name, name fragment
  • Availability, call in reports, tracking
  • Pertaining and customized to your firm’s niche:  Industrial / Clerical / Medical / Hospitality / Legal / Financial / IT Skills
  • Unlimited Customizable Skill Screens
  • Employment History
  • Educational Background
  • Current and past company assignments
  • Contact information
  • Payroll Deductions and Adjustments
  • Tax & Benefits Information
  • Interviewer’s Comments
  • Payroll History:  tracking of total hours an employee worked for clients and your staffing firm
  • Calendar / Assignment Shift Scheduler
  • Resume Parsing/Boolean Searching
  • Outlook Integration for appointments and emails
  • Texting
  • Fully Integrated Social Media
  • Mail Merge
  • Built in reports for request of Employment History and Garnishment letters

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