COATSsql is a fully integrated accounting software which automates payroll functions. Employee, client and job order information previously entered is used for processing of payroll and automatic billing.  The pay/bill time entry was specifically designed for the staffing industry.

COATSsql builds all timecard records based on employee, client, and job order information and performs all necessary payroll calculations to generate reports, checks, invoices, and statements from a single data entry process.

  • COATSsql generates all necessary payroll calculations needed. OT, DT, vacation, holiday, non-tax, other pay, direct hire billing, and tips
  • Single entry system
  • Integrates with PeopleNet and time clocks
  • Process your payroll by Region, Branch, Department
  • Multi-state, Multi-localities
  • Tracks all taxes, deductions and WC
  • Direct deposit, pay card, checks
  • Generates all the necessary payroll and deduction reporting for a streamlined operation
  • Actively accrues Worker’s compensation, SUTA, FUTA
  • Expense categories by timecard
  • Compiles all payables, federal deposit, employee deductions and garnishments and creates liability and check within the AP
  • Generates monthly, quarterly, and yearly figures for proper record keeping and reporting.
  • Generates all necessary information to process your quarterly reports including the 941 form and Schedule B.
  • Generates laser printed W2 and 1099 forms and reports data to the government via magnetic media quarter and year-end.
  • Provides current federal and state tax updates.  These updates are available for download in the Customers Only section of this web site. All inclusive!

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