It’s the morning after Super Bowl LII and today could cost employers an estimated $3 billion, according to estimates reported by CNBC.

The report done by Challenger, Gray and Christmas estimates that 16.5 million workers will call in sick today.

With Americans working an average of 34.5 hours per week, or 6.9 hours a day, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truant workers will cost employers $3.032 billion (the average weekly earnings rate is $26.63 per hour, according to the firm).

The cities whose teams are playing in the big game could be hit the hardest. According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New England boasts over 7.6 million workers, while Philadelphia has 2.9 million.

“If one in ten of those workers skips Monday, the cost to employers would hit $194 million,” reports the HR consulting firm.

Of course, with COATS as your staffing software of choice, at least tracking hours and payroll are easy!

Speaking of the Super Bowl, did you watch it? What was your favorite moment or favorite ad? We were duly impressed with Tide, implying that “everything is a Tide ad” – and, honestly, they got us to think!

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles and all their fans on winning their first Super Bowl!

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