Staffing company software has done a tremendous job at helping staffing agencies run more efficiently in recent years. Many of the processes that needed to be done manually in the past have now been eliminated so your team can concentrate more on getting job leads, finding the proper candidates to fill those jobs, and generating profits.

Having an online application as part of your staffing company software is where the magic all begins. Here are three benefits you’ll want to implement to streamline your operations:

  • For the candidate An online application makes it much easier for candidates to enroll for your talent pool or apply directly to a specific job. By making it easier for people to apply, you’ll get more candidates and have better options to choose from. With staffing company software from Coats SQL, you’ll be able to post positions automatically to social media pages and online job boards like Simply Hired and Indeed. Those postings will contain a link to your online application making it simpler for potential candidates to apply on their phones, tablets, or computers.
  • For your front officeWith Coats SQL staffing software, when a candidate applies online, their application automatically goes to a Master Record in your overall database. There’s no need to waste time or risk errors by re-entering information into your system when a contact is ready to convert to a job candidate. Everything your front office needs is already available to get the process moving. In addition, when your team is looking for the right candidates for a specific job, they can find a list of people by using keywords to search the database.
  • For the environmentAn online application eliminates the need for paper forms, filing cabinets, etc. With an online application, your office can rapidly reduce your carbon footprint by cutting back on paper use, file folders and printer ink.

One last benefit of staffing company software from Coats SQL is that our software is customizable to meet your very specific needs. Just let us know how you’d like things to be set up and we’ll work with you to provide all the things you need while eliminating those you don’t. You’re not stuck with a “one size fits all” scenario.

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