It’s inevitable. It’s cliché. But it’s a new year and everyone takes a few seconds to take an assessment on their direction – whether that’s a look at their business, career, or personal lives.

The most readily and promptly disposed of resolutions are ones that involve any sort of adjustment in caloric balance (whether that means the absence thereof – dieting – or the increased energetic usage of that which is consumed – exercise). We also might want to make a check on our vices, make better use of our time, get more education, etc.

However, with respect to employment-related issues and general good leadership, some very good advice has been dispensed to begin this year.

First – resumes. What do you change in 2017 (and what should placement specialists be looking for) to make a candidate relevant, competitive and potentially that next great hire?

For many of us, it’s not the experience, but the mileage. That’s, at least, the message that Forbes Magazine sends. They relate the top five things to remove from an applicant’s dossier:

1. Too Much Detail About Your College Years

2. Languages You Speak (Even Fluently)

3. Fellowships, Internships and Prizes (With a Few Exceptions)

4. References and Personal Names

5. Any Dates or Years That Could Create Ageist Assumptions

These make sense.

  • Name dropping only goes so far.
  • Unless you’re applying for that position that requires fluency in Latin, it’s probably not relevant on your resume. And,
  • if your grand prize for excellence was won more than 15 years ago, it isn’t going to win you your new dream assignment.

But most of us already knew this.

The truly revelatory points of this list, particularly to Gen X’rs, is knowing that remaining relevant and current means ditching just about any reference prior to 2007.

Yeah – that’s an eye-opener. Not because it’s particularly surprising, but when you consider 9/11 was more than fifteen years ago and then-Senator Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president in February 2007 – a decade ago – one begins to realize that the march of time is quick. If these two events are starting to become distant memories, then what you did for your job back then might not be too high on the list either.

The second, and particularly for leaders and managers, should be basic commonsense, but it never hurts to consider proverbial truths.

Inc. suggests that this litany should be on any business-owner’s wish list:

1. A great co-founder.

2. Wisdom.

3. Grit.

4. A reality distortion field.

5. A great network.

6. A soul.

7. Generosity.

8. A loving and supportive family.

9. Great investors.

10. An exploding market.

11. Luck.

If you look at this list analytically, is there anything on it that any one of us wouldn’t wish we had either? That said, everything on this list can be earned through focus, continuous curiosity and learning, determination, and just general caring and observation.

Have a great 2017! And, don’t forget, we’re all eventually going to be replaced by robots anyway (as you read this on your smartphone….).

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