Onsite Payroll works directly within COATS Staffing SoftwareThis month, COATS would like to sing the praises of a company that’s incredibly close to us, both personally and software-wise: Onsite Payroll Solutions.

Onsite was founded by Kasey Wanamaker, a former COATS employee and expert on payroll. After Kasey moved to another state and COATS’s payroll service company closed shop about 10 years ago, Kasey decided to start her own firm when a COATS customer asked if she’d consider doing their payroll.

The big difference between Onsite and other payroll service companies is that Onsite operates directly in COATS. Kasey logs in remotely and completes the payroll process, leaving all of your reports available to you at any time.

Joanne Azcuy, managing director of Anchor Staffing, is a very satisfied Onsite client. “Anchor Staffing has been a client of Onsite Payroll Solutions for over a year now and we are very pleased with the service provided,” Joanne says. “Our weekly payroll is processed correctly and on time even when we need to adjust the schedule for special processing. Kasey Wanamaker is also always available for questions on payroll processing and payroll taxes. This level of customer service and flexibility is not always available from the larger payroll companies. We would recommend Onsite Payroll Solutions to other staffing companies for their payroll processing.”

Onsite can do your payroll per pay period, quarterly and/or yearly, and handle your taxes as well. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, send Kasey an email or call her at 570-246-1166.

How does your company handle payroll right now? Let us know in the comments!



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