What do employees really want?   Part 2.

In our last blog post, it was noted that there are 3 factors employees are really seeking from an employer.  The first and most important factor we discussed earlier was workplace flexibility.  What is second to that?

A commitment to health and well-being, is the 2nd largest factor employees want from their employer.  What does that mean, exactly?  Basically, employees want to feel like they are being treated as a human being at work, and not a robot.  They want their employer to show they actually care about their health and well-being.  50% of employees stated they want to see more focus on these factors at their company, based on the 2018 Global Talent trends survey.  A workplace wellness program is one example of what an employer can do to meet this desire.  This program may include onsite health screenings, some lunch and learn sessions, an offer of mental health days,  ways to release stress and time for physical activity.  More specific examples include investment in standing desks, an on-site gym and meditation sessions.

In next weeks blog post we will review the third factor most desired by employees from their workplace and summarize what you can do as an employer to ensure you are doing all you can to effectively recruit and attract the employees that you need on your team.

Lynn Connor, COATS Office Automation

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