What do employees really want?  Part 3.

In our last blog past we reviewed the 2nd largest factor that employee’s wanted most from their employers, health and well-being.  And in our first post, the most important factor was workplace flexibility.

The third largest element employees are looking for in a company is to have “work with a purpose,” according to 4800 employees across 16 geographies in the 2019 Mercer study.

How can an employer provide this to their employees?  What does this mean?  It’s been shared before, but continues to remain important to employees.  Start with an EVP – Employee Value Proposition, with a company purpose driven mission.  This includes a company vision, recognizing and expressing gratitude to employees, explain how your employee’s job impacts your firm and your clients, explain your companies meaning and value, share customer success stories and focus on the big picture.

Mercer found that only 13% of companies offer work with a purpose in this manner, resulting in employees finding it difficult to connect with their employer and see past their profit-focused mentality.  Employers who get this right will find employees are three times more likely to work for them as morale, productivity and motivation increase.

Employers are constantly told how to attract employees, what policies to put into place and what attracts and retains good workers.  It’s hard to keep up with what each generation looks for in a good employer and workplace, but it’s more important than ever to know and enact what the research finds.  Workplace flexibility, health and well-being and working with a sense of purpose remain top trends sought by employees.

~Lynn Connor, COATS Office Automation

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