83percent text response

83percent text response


If you can get an 83% response rate from an employee about a job opening you need to fill, would you use that communication method?  Because time is critical in the staffing industry, I’d say, yup!

In fact, if you are not using texting as a daily tool in your business, you’re behind.  I get a text from Amazon when my package has arrived with a picture of it, a text to remind me of my dentist appointment with a required reply to keep it and a text from Walgreens when my prescription is ready.  There is no easier way to communicate such a large amount of information, any easier or faster.

In 2020, “68% of businesses used some form of texting to reach their customers.”  That’s a 20% increase since last year.  More importantly, 75% of consumers pick up their phone within 30 minutes of waking up and most check their phone more than 20 times a day.  So, how many of you have any unread texts on your phone?  What about unread emails?  Texting wins.



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Not only that, but what do you think consumers think the most valued type of text they receive from a business is?  An appointment reminder.  It’s the number one choice, by far. If one of the main metrics measured in the staffing industry is the number of appointments made, shouldn’t texting be used to make them?






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There is no better way to communicate to your employee their start date and time, client name, address and supervisor’s name than in writing by a text message.  And, you know when it’s delivered and often, read.   See Zipwhip’s report on texting in 2020

As with all communication, you use the best method for each task at hand.  Recruiters need to talk with job candidates over the phone to understand an individual’s skills, work history and learn about their career goals. So, it’s understandable that phone calls are used to learn more about a person.  Texting is used to convey other information later during the hiring process.

For those working in the staffing industry, here are some great reasons to connect with Zipwhip:

  1. Text multiple job candidates all at once to get a quick available to work list, with a reply of those who are interested in each assignment.
  2. Receive a new job order and schedule text reminders to each employee who has accepted the assignment.
  3. Send appointment reminders to employees scheduled for an interview with your clients.
  4. Send appointment reminders to job candidates scheduled for an interview with you.
  5. Respond to clients quickly and outside of business hours with auto-reply texts.
  6. Receive time cards by text and save time, money and paper.



COATS Staffing Software is now integrated with Zipwhip.  Our clients need to reach employees quickly and get a response even faster. Their clients want their roles filled yesterday.   With 83% of employees and candidates responding to a text within 30 minutes or less, Zipwhip is a tool that all Recruiters need.  Call COATS Staffing Software for more information at 1-800-888-5894.

Lynn Connor, COATS Staffing Software

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