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Video: COATSsql Basics: A/P

This is the A/P portion of the COATSsql training DVDs.


Don’t worry if it’s hard to see the screen in this embedded window; just click the four arrows at the bottom of the player to watch it full-screen!

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Payable Accounts
00:56 Reviewing buttons along the right hand side of the screen
01:30 Add a Payable
02:10 Adding Department Contacts
04:30 Record Validity
04:56 GL Info
06:06 Account Terms
07:09 Find
07:28 Contact Comments
08:26 Creating Transactions
18:26 Balance
18:40 Reviewing Transactions
19:23 1099
20:30 Home Button (Region/Branch/Department)
21:10 Automatic Payables/Auto Transactions
25:49 Payroll Payables
30:20 Shortcut to Create Transactions
31:22 Check Processing
41:00 Check Writer
41:50 AP Check Register
42:22 AP Aged Analysis