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Video: COATSsql Basics: Employee

This is the Employee portion of the COATSsql training DVDs.


Don’t worry if it’s hard to see the screen in this embedded window; just click the four arrows at the bottom of the player to watch it full-screen!

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Review of Layout
00:50 Adding an Employee
02:05 Entering Main Screen Employee Data
10:23 Reviewing what is Searchable
11:35 Entering Employee Industrial Skills
12:18 Entering Employee Optional Skills
13:15 Entering Clerical Skills
13:59 Entering Testing Results/Skills
15:38 Entering Custom Skill Screen Skills
18:18 Entering Previous Work History
20:50 Entering Education Background
22:03 Entering Previous Temporary Work
22:51 Reviewing Adjustments
23:15 Reviewing Employee Global vs. Assignment Job Status
25:35 Reviewing Contact entry, Call In notes and follow up
29:16 Entering Interview Details/Drug and Background dates
30:42 Entering Tax, Direct Deposit, Pay Card, EEO, 1099 (Correction: Enter state deductions in the #DED field not the #EXEM field as shown in the video)
33:42 Finding Employees in the database
37:27 Reviewing Employee Assignment Information
39:48 Reviewing Employee Payroll Information
41:44 Calculating Employee hours worked
42:28 Printing Employee Reports
43:39 Exporting Reports
43:58 Reviewing the Home Button
44:26 Reviewing the Legend Button
45:20 Reviewing the Check Void Button
45:37 Conclusion