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Video: COATSsql Basics: Job Orders

This is the Job Orders portion of the COATSsql training DVDs.


Don’t worry if it’s hard to see the screen in this embedded window; just click the four arrows at the bottom of the player to watch it full-screen!

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Review of Layout
00:32 Finding a specific Client’s Order(s)
01:26 Adding a new Order, reviewing Job Order fields
09:22 Reviewing Job Order Status
11:34 Reviewing Job Order Type
12:20 Performing a Job Order Search
15:55 Boolean Search
21:25 Reviewing the results of the Search
21:53 Reviewing the Global Status vs. the Job Status
22:08 Reviewing the Employee Master within the Order
22:55 Performing a Broadcast Employee Email
23:34 Contacting Employees and modifying Job Status
24:13 Reviewing all Status
27:29 Adding comments to the Employee & Assignment
29:44 Reviewing default within the Employee Master
31:03 Confirming an Employee to an Order
32:47 Documenting an Employee’s rejection to an Order
33:39 Reviewing the Add button for Employees
34:38 Reviewing an Employee’s assignments
35:19 Reviewing an Employee’s current Assignment
36:07 Reviewing the Find button for Employees
36:35 Reviewing the Delete button for Employees
37:00 Emailing an Employee or Employee(s)
37:26 Reviewing the Confirm button for Employees
38:01 Reviewing the Openings button
39:28 Printing Job Order Reports
43:32 Finishing an Employee on an Order
45:00 Modifying the Job Status
45:37 Conclusion