COATS Staffing Software is a custom software solution developed for temporary staffing agencies to source, manage and monitor their job candidates throughout the hiring process while invoicing and tracking every client interaction for each employee work assignment.

Sounds simple, right?  In reality, though, there are countless nuances to an employee’s pay record, multiple assignments, each client’s invoicing requirements, and of course ACA, EEO, PTO, benefits and state tax requirements in the temporary staffing world. Even peripheral (yet crucial) tasks like garnishments and liens are entered, processed, and managed easily within COATS.  Invoice requirements such as listing employees by department, by purchase order or by project are easily accomplished with COATS.

Not all staffing software products offer a comprehensive ‘front office’ as COATS does which includes employee recruiting, on-boarding, management, retention and of course the permanent-hire aspects. COATS can also on-board all employees using your proprietary forms which presents a tailored process that candidates can certainly respect. Then, consider the robust ‘back office’ that covers client management, payroll, invoicing, accounting, and business metrics to keep your staffing agency running brilliantly and efficiently.  Unique remote (traditional as well as mobile) hiring capabilities such as online job posting, employment online applications, temporary employee on-boarding, resume parsing and employee and client portals are offered for paperless W2s and pay data.  COATS is truly about continuous improvement, intuitive systems, and responsive software for the needs of the temporary staffing industry.

COATS Staffing Software was originally designed for staffing companies, and it can easily adapt to be used by any small business to optimize employee management, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, general ledger, and other processes.

Having one system to manage employees’ on-boarding forms, salary history, payroll, federal and state tax forms, garnishments, ACA forms, health insurance / supplemental insurance deductions, and 401-K alone, is tremendously valuable and provides peace of mind.

COATS has the absolute capability to take your ‘front office’ employee details and complement that data with the ‘back office’ job order(s), assignment data, and invoices for all your clients.  Our software allows for the unique invoicing situations that staffing companies encounter as well.  For example, reporting, billing and alerts for drug tests, criminal records checks, holiday pay, overtime, double-time, and even providing client paid bonuses at overhead-only mark-ups.

If your firm provides an hourly or flat fee service for your customers, COATS will serve your needs more than you anticipated.  Invoices, statements, accounts payable / receivable, as well as general ledger items, and reporting that will rival any software provider completes the employee management and bookkeeping demands of your firm.

There are many ‘front office’-only staffing software products on the market.  There is no reason to use more than one database and use them more than once.  Having more than one system manage your staffing agency makes your job cumbersome, redundant and an unacceptable use of labor these days.  Paperwork should be the easiest portion of the recruiting life cycle. We all need and deserve one software product that can support the firm and process, end-to-end.  Ultimately, paperless is also a goal for so many, and COATS understands that 100%.

COATS is a complete front and back office staffing software that is integrated with reputable, reliable and relevant industry partners to provide you with everything from texting capabilities to remote electronic on-boarding to paperless record-keeping and secure, electronic pay for your employees. For every need you have, COATS will have a feature that can benefit you.

COATS Staffing Software helps agencies organize and optimize their workflow with full automation and integration.  It is a seamless and efficient program with real-time job postings, employee management, client relationship management, payroll, and accounting, as well as, business metrics. Truly comprehensive.

So, to sum-up some of the main details on how COATS can streamline your business: our software will handle employee hiring, personnel maintenance, employee tracking, deductions and garnishments, employees’ access to their weekly pay data and W-2 through our employee portal, integration with your website and the job board to post new openings four (4) times throughout the business day, preparing turnover assessment reports for your clients, and send out past due invoices (with interest if applicable), upon review on your A/R report.

COATS gives you the opportunity to choose either! Leasing is advised if your business is in a growth state and/or cash flow is a little irregular. Purchasing staffing software for your company makes more sense if your business is already stable and established, and if you plan to use your staffing software license for a long time

Installed staffing software reduces access times for you and your team. Online hosted software provides extra security, flexibility, portability, and automatic backup.

Locally installed staffing software conforms to your specific and preferred level of security, and it allows for control at the discretion of the local administrator, however it oftentimes limits the flexibility for your team to access at any hour and from any location.

Online or cloud-hosted software provides 24/7 access flexibility, data portability, and automatic seamless backup.  Updates are managed by the host, and responses to issues are consistently more efficient when tech support can access the software immediately and run diagnostics.  Cloud hosting is also held to a level of continuous security updates and troubleshooting and not solely for COATS Staffing Software, but also for integrated Microsoft products.

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