Staffing software is custom software solution developed for temporary staffing agencies to handle their unique needs, such as job posting, employee management, payroll and accounting, etc.

COATS SQL staffing software is designed for staffing companies, but can be used by any small business to optimize employee management, payroll, and other processes.

When looking for the best staffing software for your business, take a look at integration capabilities, reviews and customer testimonials to see if the particular software is right for you.

Staffing software helps agencies organize and optimize their workflow with full automation and integration. It saves time with automatic postings, employee management, client relationship management, payroll and accounting.

Leasing is advised if your business is in a growth state and/or cashflow is a little irregular. Purchasing staffing software for your company makes more sense if your business is already stable and established, and if you plan to use your staffing software licence for a long time.

Installed staffing software gives you security and reduces access times for you and your team. Online hosted software provides flexibility, portability, and automatic backup.

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