Finding Strong Candidates: Skills

While employment history is often the focus of candidate reviews, skills are just as important—if not more so. A good resume will help a candidate get a job, but only skills will help them do the job.

Cover Your Back for Background Checks

When conducting background checks, don't break the law yourself

Background checks are becoming a staple of our industry. These checks are a great selling point for clients; they’re also great for reducing your own risk and legal liability. However, background checks can be a legal liability unto themselves.

Write a Better Job Posting, Get Better Applicants

Bulletin board full of job postings

Job postings are one of the most crucial, yet the most often overlooked, marketing tools available to staffing firms. In fact, you might not even think of them as a marketing tool; that’s how easy they are to overlook.


COATS Employee tracking and processing allows you to control all employee related functions. Applicants are easily entered via Online Applicant Entry and/or Resume Parsing and are processed and tracked from the Employee Records screen.