February 2014 Legal Roundup

Snowstorms, minimum wage, cheerleaders, the FMLA and the ADA, background checks and how NOT to respond to a LinkedIn invite.

Legal Roundup September 2013

News from employment law

Last month’s employment law was all about choices: conducting a background check, bringing scotch to a company party, paying illegal aliens.

April 2012 Legal Roundup

From the latest EEOC rules on criminal background checks to a bizarre defense for not paying employees overtime, it’s been one busy month in employment law.

Cover Your Back for Background Checks

When conducting background checks, don't break the law yourself

Background checks are becoming a staple of our industry. These checks are a great selling point for clients; they’re also great for reducing your own risk and legal liability. However, background checks can be a legal liability unto themselves.

Don’t Forget the FCRA!!!

As the economy shows signs of recovery many staffing firms either are required by certain clients or routinely utilize background checks as part of the hiring process, and engage the service of third parties, such as consumer reporting agencies, to gather background information, including criminal history reports.