Happy Labor Day 2014

Labor Day has a special meaning for the staffing industry: without us, millions of Americans wouldn’t have jobs from which to get a holiday.

Happy Halloween from COATS

Here at COATS HQ, we embrace any opportunity to dress up and scarf down some candy. So Halloween is a jackpot every year!

Fun at Work: Yes, It Does Exist!

Who said work couldn’t also be fun?! After doing some research, “FUN AT WORK” seems to become the new way of work that has not missed COATS.

Happy Veterans Day

COATS Staffing Software: help veterans by hiring them

One of the best ways to help veterans is by hiring them, but with all the regulations surrounding hiring (and veterans), it can get confusing. So here are some resources to help you help veterans.

Happy Valentine’s Day from COATS Staffing Software

We know you don’t have to worry about things like office romances at your staffing firm (we’re in staffing; who has the time?). And you probably know to keep any Valentine’s celebrations G-rated and non-personal. But we’d like to take a day to say, in a totally platonic, non-squicky and professional manner: we love you. […]