21 states have minimum wage changes

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Do you live in a state that had an increase in minimum wage? Perhaps you do. From Alaska to West Virginia, twenty-one states increased their minimum wage this year. Our partners at AnserTeam have assembled a list: • Alaska: From $7.75 to $8.75 per hour. • Arizona: From $7.90 to $8.05 per hour. • Arkansas: […]

October 2012 Legal Roundup

A look ahead to IRS guidelines, a look even farther ahead to essential health benefits and a squinty look at type in an email.

COATS Update for Michigan

Michigan’s witholding rate and exemption amount will change next week, but we’ve got you covered.

How to File Your Payroll Taxes in COATS Using Mag Media

Uploading your taxes is easy in COATS Staffing Software

“Mag media,” or, as the rest of us call it, filing your state and federal taxes electronically is one of the business marvels of the electronic age. But because of the whole “50 states, and they’ve each gotta do it differently” issue, it can get a little tricky.