Ray Lattimore, Marketplace Staffing

COATS is simply GREAT!!! Seamless front office, back office and website integration. We have multiple locations, no problem! Monthly newsletter, excellent website, continuous upgrades / improvements, outstanding communication with Karen Connor and staff. Technical support is first class. I would not even think of another staffing software if it was given to me.

Megen McMichael, VECTEC

“This process allows the entire team to track the onboarding progress of a new employee. Through regular updates and the latest innovations in cybersecurity, the protection and privacy of personal information contained within the system is impeccable.”

Lisa Connallon

“As always, tech support takes care of anything I need.”

Charles Corbett, C.P.C., P.R.C., President, Davis Smith

I want to tell you how pleased we are with the COATS system. Our transition from our old software went very well and our staff quickly acclimated to the new system. We find it very user friendly. The training program and follow up support from your technical staff have been excellent. Our whole experience with […]