Using Social Media to Follow Up with Candidates


Social media is a powerful way to interact with large audiences like potential candidates or client prospects. But it can also be a great way to communicate directly with individuals, and that can help you follow up with highly desirable job candidates. Once you’ve received a completed application and a resume from a candidate, it’s […]

Social Media: Why It Matters for Staffing Firms


While some publications have published articles pondering whether social media is a threat to the staffing industry, a better way to look at it would be to view social media as the powerful tool it is and understand how it can strengthen your recruiting and sourcing efforts. Social media is, of course, a means of […]

Social Media for Staffing Companies: Avoid the Mullet


Social media is not a fad or something used only by kids and people who want the world to know about their lunch; it’s a proven platform for marketing. But while most companies have one audience for their marketing, staffing companies have two: candidates and clients. Trying to speak to both audiences at once using […]