Resume Parsing

Save time and improve hiring accuracy with COATS game-changing resume parsing software for staffing companies.

Resume Parsing Tools

When a single job post can attract hundreds of applications, the idea of sorting and reviewing them all is daunting. Resume parsing software from COATS makes it easier. Let COATS do the initial screening while you focus on other priorities. You’ll hire faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

Organize & Review Resumes

Keep up with a high volume of applications, better allocate resources and streamline your vetting, hiring, and onboarding process.

Resume parsing makes it easier to organize resumes and identify those that merit additional attention. Offload tedious and time-consuming resume reading when the relevant content and data are digitally isolated for precise processing and analysis.

Identify the Best Candidates

Resume parsing software harvests information from resumes or CVs, converting it into a machine-readable format.

Information from new resumes and your existing library of filed resumes is organized in a searchable database that makes it easy to compare data and quickly identify the perfect person to fill that crucial spot.

Send Clients the Best Resumes

The resume processing software keeps an original copy of the employee’s resume, as well as the extracted data.

You can pull a redacted version of the resume with your branding to send to clients for their consideration. With resume parsing, you can search full-text resumes within parsing and the job orders, link a resume to an existing employee or quickly create an employee master record from resume details, and track employee recruitment process via resumes sent to potential clients. COATS integrated resume parsing is an optional feature that offers a separate database for resumes. It will keep the full resume text on hand for Boolean searching.

Find Out How Resume Processing Software Simplifies Your Hiring Process

Resume Parsing with Full-Text Searching

Storing your resumes as physical printouts takes up a lot of space making finding the right resume for a new job order nearly impossible. Digital files aren’t much better because they lack organization and require you to open, read, assess and compare one by one. Either option is complicated, frustrating and ineffective. It’s an error-prone process. You could completely miss the ideal candidate for the job.
Resume Parsing Program displayed on a laptop

Turn Disparate Input Into Actionable Data

Made up of a compiler or interpreter that converts each document’s data into a structured format, resume parsing tools make it simple to manipulate and analyze information. Resume parsing takes the building blocks of a resume and conveniently pulls it into your system, allowing you to quickly pull up a candidate’s contact information or education, work experience or skills, and any achievements, professional certifications or other relevant data.

Compatible With Various Resume Formats

COATS works with formats such as .doc, .docx and .rtf. Our resume parser can grab all documents on shared or local computers and quickly create a unique database of everyone who’s applied to your organization. Find relevant matches with just a click and use descriptive searches to unearth that needle in the haystack. Not only will you save time over manual reviews, but you’ll be able to evaluate them with a fresh and clear mind, and that’ll help you make better decisions.

Save Time And Increase Accuracy

Review and analyze resumes quickly while ensuring each candidate you suggest will be a better match for your clients. You’ll develop a more comprehensive understanding of who’s applying to your positions and where they’re coming from. Insights from the data you collect will all but ensure a more efficient and better hiring process, and it makes each hire something to look forward to, instead of dread.