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Adams, Evens, & Ross

For more than 25 years Adams, Evens, & Ross has grown to become the nation’s largest credit and collection firm that specifically collects for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry. This Industry is our only source of revenue. I hope you can give us the opportunity to show you why over 3000 Staffing and Recruiting Firms, 5 Payroll Funding Companies and 14 State Associations trust the credit and collections results of our firm.  Please visit our site today for further information: or call us at 800-452-5287 x202#.

Advance Partners

Advance Partners was founded and built to provide services above and beyond the traditional lending and back office outsourcing found in the industry. At Advance, our clients view us as a partner and our value starts where others’ services end. We work only in the staffing industry, and of course we offer both funding and full service. But we also provide start-up guidance, marketing support, acquisition/exit strategy, identification of growth opportunities, state-of-the-art software and so much more. If you are a temporary staffing business, or about to launch a start-up, we can accelerate your growth. Contact one of our seasoned staffing industry veterans to learn how.

Brothers Printing

Brothers Printing has been operating since 1988.  We have a long history of providing quality forms to the staffing industry.  Our philosophy of “Stubborn About Service” parallels many service industries, including the highly service-oriented staffing industry.  Ordering forms from Brothers Printing will ensure prompt and courteous services with the highest standards for quality forms.  Our forms are guaranteed 100% compatible with your COATS staffing and recruitment software.

Order all COATS forms here.

Consider Brothers Printing your one-stop shop for all software forms, printing & advertising specialty needs.  Visit our web site here or call toll-free for your forms needs at 877-913-8500

Corporate Tax Incentives

CTI, Corporate Tax Incentives, is a tax consultancy firm specializing in incentives that provide direct financial savings to businesses.  Since 2001, we’ve secured billions for our clients with expert know-how and personalized service. 

We help staffing companies specifically with Federal and State Hiring Incentives like: The Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Enterprise and Empowerment Zone Credits, and State Piggyback Credits.  We also have a niche background in the Employee Retention Credit, Cost Segregation and 179D for real estate incentives. 

Our main goal with our clients is to advance tax credit and incentives awareness.  Which in return helps the business thrive through our services transparency and trusted relationships. Your hiring practices can save you money on income tax, while giving others a path to employment. 

Reach out to Josh Brubaker or 720.990.0123 for an educational call and next steps!

Corporate Tax Inccentives

Efficient Hire

Efficient Hire helps reduce labor costs and saves time with a 100% cloud-based employee onboarding system. Our self-guided process makes it easier for your new hires to complete hiring packets compliantly from a cell phone, while reducing physical paperwork and helping you with onboarding requirements. 

We recognize staffing firms can struggle with compliance issues and a lack of consistency across their organization. That’s where Efficient Hire comes in – not only do we give you peace of mind by reducing risk, but we put money back into your operating budget with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

  • All forms are completed and validated – including state, federal, tax, I-9, company policies and custom forms.
  • Integrated E-Verify and a powerful I-9 dashboard helps you manage all E-Verify cases.
  • Collect vital payroll details, EEO designation, special licenses, skills, driver information, and more – all flowing seamlessly to payroll.
  • All documentation & support is provided in the case of an audit.
  • All new hires are screened and submitted during onboarding for WOTC, so you never miss a potential credit. 

Megan Pulliam

VP of Sales, Efficient Hire

c 304-767-1577


Efficient Forms

Essential StaffCARE

Essential StaffCARE is the largest provider of healthcare benefits to the staffing industry, providing health insurance options that not only keep employees healthy, but improve retention and reduce turnover. Serving over 2,450 staffing company clients and enrolling more than 750,000 temporary employees annually, our key product is a voluntary, Fixed Indemnity Medical plan, custom-designed to affordably support the day-to-day medical needs of the average hourly worker. The Fixed Indemnity Medical plan also provides enrollees access to an innovative and revolutionary virtual primary care platform at no additional cost as virtual visits and other virtual services are covered by the plan benefits. ESC also offers ancillaries like Dental, Vision, Term Life Insurance, and Short-term Disability, as well as plans compliant with the ACA and state Individual Mandates. Research shows that workers enrolled in our plan stay on the job 47% longer than those who are not enrolled.

After tabulating the results of a comprehensive, independent client satisfaction survey, ESC received a Net Promoter Score of 74, more than quadrupling the industry average and classifying ESC’s customer service as “World Class”. ESC is an American Staffing Association (ASA) Corporate Partner, and an award-winning member of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU).

Haley Marketing

Haley Marketing and COATS sql have joined forces to provide Online Applications and Online Career Portal solutions that link directly to your existing web site. Online Applications saves your team time and energy by allowing candidates to apply online, anytime, anywhere. Haley Marketing’s Career Portal automatically delivers your job openings to more than a dozen job aggregators, Facebook jobs, social media and your company website. It also provides automated talent re-engagement and tracks the performance of your jobs and sources of your candidates. For more details about the Haley Marketing Career Portal and its interaction with COATS click here.


IntelliPath specializes in optimizing IT infrastructure, effectively providing your staffing firm with your own private CLOUD.  No need to employ IT staff, worry about servers in your office – you have enough to focus on in running the day-to-day operations of your firm.  With the dynamic nature of the CLOUD, IntelliPath adds infrastructure resources in minutes as your business grows.  This alleviates you from having to forecast your business needs down the road to “right size” your server infrastructure.  Save your business time and money by allowing professionally managed and optimized IntelliPath handle everything in your critical infrastructure while working alongside COATS Staffing Software. Contact IntelliPath 317-826-0295 or


MJA & Associates is a contingency based tax credit processing firm focused on the staffing industry. We help staffing companies with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), Employee Retention Credit (ERC), Empowerment Zone Employment Credit (EZ), and various other tax incentives.

Founded in 2003, MJA & Associates has been helping staffing firms save millions of dollars. We work with hundreds of staffing firms nationwide, and we have a great reputation in the staffing industry.

Companies can earn between $2,400 to $9,600 for each qualified employee through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Our technology and integrations can make the WOTC program very efficient.

MIA & Associates are proud members of the American Staffing Association, Staffing Industry Analysts, TempNet, Affiliated Staffing Group, NAPEO, California Staffing Professionals, Texas Association of Staffing, Ohio Search & Staffing Association, Colorado Staffing Association, and several other State Associations.

We provide full-service management of these tax programs, so you can focus on running your business. We offer performance-based pricing, so your company sees an immediate return on investment. We only earn a small percentage of the tax credits that are generated through our services.

For more information or a free consultation, please contact us at (951) 272-8294 or

MJA Associates logo

Onsite Payroll Solutions

Onsite Payroll Solutions is your one stop payroll provider.  We offer a unique set of payroll services designed for your business.  Are you looking for permanent payroll processing or do you need someone to fill in when your payroll person is sick, out of the office or on vacation?  Onsite Payroll Solutions works directly in your COATS data, so your information is always at your finger tips! For more information please call:  Kasey Wanamaker, 570.246.1166 or

Scale Funding

Scale Funding, a leading provider of payroll funding services to staffing agencies nationwide, offers customized financing solutions to meet each client’s needs. With extensive experience in the staffing industry dating back to 1994, we understand the challenges businesses face and excel in adapting to their evolving requirements. 

As a division of Scale Bank, we provide the flexibility and capital necessary to support growing clients. 

Our payroll funding programs feature:

Quick quotes in 15 minutes

• Lines of credit from $30,000 to $10 million

• Same-day funding 

• Flexible month-to-month agreements

• Credit analysis and risk assessment

• Accounts receivable management

• HR On-Demand

Our team includes staffing experts with firsthand industry experience. We offer valuable resources to help businesses establish a strong foundation for success. 

Contact Scale Funding today to learn more about our tailored payroll financing solutions for staffing agencies. 

We are proud partners of COATS Staffing Software, offering bundled packages that combine payroll funding with COATS’ staffing software and back-office support. Click here to explore this partnership further.



Sovren is the premier provider of multi-lingual enterprise-grade resume/CV parsing and fourth-generation semantic searching and semantic matching software worldwide. We’ve been providing the best software to the best names in HR since 1996.


Text Request

Text Request is the business texting platform built to ignite customer engagement. We’ve created plug-and-play messaging solutions to your everyday communication problems, so you can cut through the noise and connect with customers anytime, anywhere. Text Request is built to scale with you, whether you need to handle a few conversations by one person, millions of messages sent by thousands of employees, or specialized applications built using our API.
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Manual timekeeping systems, dated buddy punching protocol, paper time cards, and filing invoices are all lengthy processes that involve the potential for human error. Timerack streamlines the process with easy-to-use software, hardware, and mobile apps — supported by a dedicated team of experts.

The key benefits

  • Cloud-based hosted system with user-friendly interface
  • Variety of time-capture tools via timeclock, web applications and mobile devices
  • Policy-based rules that ensure Department of Labor (DOL) compliance for each state
  • Alerts for managers about key action items
  • Employee tracking using department and cost center codes
  • Scheduling and PTO functionality
  • Flexible reporting lets clients get the data they need, when they need it

Unemployment Tracker

Unemployment Tracker helps staffing companies reduce unemployment cpsts.  Our team doesn’t just process paperwork, we get invested in the data gathering, decision-making, and follow-through of every state unemployment document that we touch.

  • Ease the administrative burden of receiving and responding to State UI requests.
  • Reduce unemployment liability directly affecting your SUTA rate.
  • Capture and get back credits on all UI Over Charges (13% on average state benefit error rate).
  • Easily identify employees who filed claims to get them back to work.
  • Visibility of your unemployment liabilities all the way down to branches and clients.
  • Be 100 % compliant with UI Integrity Act – Eliminate fines and penalties.
Unemployment Tracker Logo


Vectec is a non-profit technology solutions organization. The mission of Vectec is to promote economic competitiveness and development by sponsoring, developing and implementing eCommerce services and programs.  Vectec places a special emphasis on delivering technology services to small to medium sized businesses. Call today to learn more: 757-243-8700.

Wisely Pay Card

Imagine having the ability to move your company’s payroll into paperless revolution in practically one fell swoop. Wisely offers the complete package, a paycard product that fills in the gap created by unbanked employees and helps you train and motivate your staff to build excitement about moving to paycards.

We are confident that implementing Wisely to your employees will add tremendous value to your company. Some of our features include web alerts, real time reporting, real time messaging, online bill pay, a rewards program for your employees attached to our cards, we can post paystubs and W2’s online for all of your employees, including non cardholders, free of charge, and much more. If your company is interested in learning more about Wisely and their offering please contact Marco Cardenas at

Work Comp Staffing Solutions

Work Comp Staffing Solutions, is a work comp brokerage and consulting service that has over 30 years of staffing work comp insurance experience. We specialize in direct carrier, state funds policies and PEO/EOR  programs for start-up to large size staffing companies. We have access to over 15 PEO’s and 5 direct / private carrier markets that serve the staffing industry. Also unique PEO “comp only” -no payroll option- avail.  Most codes/mods and work comp histories quoted.  Low and high ded programs.  We service over 300 staffing clients all over the US.  Most quotes within a week.

David Schek President
Office:  202-302-1212

Work Comp Staffing Solutions