Employee Portal

COATS employee portal software for staffing companies saves time and resources by enabling your workers and employees to quickly access their data on their own time without your assistance.

Coats Employee Portal being displayed on a cell phone

Secure Employee Portal Software

An employee portal frees you to focus on revenue-driving activities while giving temporary employees 24/7/365 access to their personal information, the opportunity to share their availability with their staffing company, and answers to common HR questions. This self-service employee intranet software also frees up countless hours for recruiters who can get bogged down in check-in phone calls and temporary employees’ questions to the exclusion of more pressing tasks.

Review & Print Pay Stubs

For large and busy companies, secure employee portal software can eliminate a mindless task that can take up way too much time.

Access paystubs for dozens or even hundreds of temporary employees. The portal gives them a secure login to access their own information. They can review and check their pay right from the employee portal cloud without bothering anyone in the office or taking time to reach out and ask someone to get the data they need.

Eliminate Employee Availability Calls

Staffers must know who is available to work daily. COATS employee portal manages this electronically.

Employees can check-in and share their availability with their staffing company through the employee portal. This one task frees-up valuable hours for the recruiter who, in the past, would have needed to field calls from candidates who had been required to call-in and report their availability.

View & Print W-2s

From the employee portal, temporary staff can opt-in to receive their W-2’s online. Employees can view and print their W-2 as needed at tax time.

Every year like clockwork, hundreds of employees contact staffing firms to request their W-2, especially if they failed to provide an updated address or phone number and did not receive their copies via mail. The ability for employees to retrieve their own W-2 makes everyone’s life easier. The result – happier employees who are free to focus on work and get more done.

Give Employees Control Of Their Data And Recruiters Control Of Their Time

Employee Portal Software

Offload human resource services to employees to reduce the burden on your already overworked and overtaxed staff. This frees them to work on improving and optimizing your hiring or onboarding processes. With less time spent on routine administrative tasks, they have more time to focus on finding the perfect fit for client vacancies. If an employee has questions about their pay, they can review their pay stubs or print out their paycheck stubs at their convenience. Employees can review and check their pay right from the employee portal cloud without involving anyone in the office or waiting until someone is available to provide the data they need.

Improve Employee Experience

COATS employee portal software for staffing companies allows you to standardize your processes and give employees a simple way to access their information. Solutions are just a click away for your temporary employees. They can log in and update their passwords, contact information, and other data. The employee portal frees the time you would spend looking up employee information; the employee avoids the inconvenience of calling your office every time they need to access or update their information.

Find Quick Answers to HR Questions

Reducing HR questions and requests by up to 50 percent allows you to better allocate your crucial staff resources. Your employees’ advantage is immediate access to relevant information whenever they want it. Whether they login from a laptop, phone, or other mobile device, they can find everything in one central location that can be quickly searched and consulted as needed.