Online Job Posting Software

COATS offers job posting software for staffing companies that attracts more job seekers, streamlines the resume sorting process, and enables you to hire faster and more accurately.

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Build A More Efficient Job Posting Solution

Getting open jobs in front of job seekers is one of the most vital goals of any staffing company. COATS online job software solutions help you reach the right people and fill open positions quickly. What do our online job posting solutions do for you?

Attract More Job Seekers

If you struggle to find qualified candidates in a sea of job applicants, avoiding job boards isn’t the answer.

With COATS custom recruiting software solutions, you can ensure that your job posts get on boards where qualified applicants are actively looking for work. While getting in front of more job seekers sounds counter-intuitive, COATS job posting software allows you to streamline the process by getting you in front of the right potential candidates. The fact is job seekers are on job boards. COATS job posting software helps ensure you are fishing in the right ponds.

Quickly Post Jobs & Sort Through Applicants

Sorting through resumes and evaluating applicants can be a drain on your resources.

With online job posting from COATS, you can simplify and streamline that process. Our job posting software is flexible, allowing a high degree of both automation and customization, reducing your overall time-to-hire. You can customize the process to suit the needs of each client or each role. These customizable job posting solutions will get your jobs in front of a higher volume of qualified candidates while boosting efficiency and allowing you to identify the strongest candidates faster.

Hire Quickly

When it comes to filling job orders, time is of the essence – you need to help your clients hire quickly.

That means you need job board software that works with your existing website. COATS custom recruiting software lets you embed the link to your job posting page in your website, mimicking your site’s look and feel, so applicants are comfortable completing your forms. Additionally, our custom recruiting software generates qualified, well-aligned candidates who are ideal for the job they are applying to, ensuring a much more simplified and optimized hiring process.

Find Out How You Can Improve Your Job Posting Process

Customizable Job Posting Software

Does your staffing firm avoid posting to job boards because they yield a tidal wave of unqualified applicants? You’re not alone.

Many staffing companies try to get around the time-consuming nature of screening job board applications. But 90 percent of job seekers begin their searches on job boards. If you’re not posting your jobs strategically, you’re missing out on exceptional talent. COATS customizable job posting software allows you to post to job boards while simultaneously streamlining the evaluation process for you and your team. Our online job posting software allows you to screen and vet more applicants for each position while spending less time doing so.

The result? Better hires, reduced burden on your team and stronger processes all around.

Online Job Posting Solutions

Posting jobs is a mundane process. Many recruiters and staffing professionals choose to simply avoid it. If you’re not getting good ROI from job boards today, it’s likely because you don’t have the luxury of time to come up with a better solution.

That’s where COATS custom job posting software comes in. Our solutions allow your staffing company to instantly save time and resources, while generating qualified applications.

With COATS custom job posting software, you can:

Job Posting Made Easy

How can COATS job posting software help your team list jobs faster, post them to more places, and attract more qualified job seekers?

Our team understands the challenges that staffing companies face, and our solutions were designed specifically to address the issues that staffing professionals face in the posting and vetting processes.

Simply put, COATS makes staffing pros even better at their jobs.