Job Order Management

COATS job order management software makes managing job orders simple and efficient for staffing companies.

Job Orders Are Your Lifeblood

It is essential to make sure everything about a job order is easily searchable and trackable. Staffing companies need online job posting software that provides what you need when you need it and make it easier to fill job orders.

COATS Staffing Software Solutions Job Order Component Includes:

When the order was placed Start date requested Job description and skills Testing and screening required Duration, shift, pay, and bill rate Supervisor to report to Hiring manager’s contact preferences And more!

Our Staffing Software Solutions Are Perfect For Managing Job Orders

Any information entered into a job order is automatically shared across every department within your company. All of your team members have access to up-to-the-minute, relevant client and employee data.

Custom Recruiting Software Solutions For Staffing Firms

Your sales team will be able to see who placed a job order and who filled the order and receive a notification when online job postings are about to start or end. COATS staffing agency software gives your accounting and payroll departments access to all the information necessary to keep checks moving on time.

Give Your Team the Tools They Need

Keep your recruiting current on the status of all job openings and the people required to fill them, as well as who is available and who is already working. Our order management software is designed to keep recruiters informed and able to perform their jobs more effectively.

Make Job Order Management Easier with COATS Staffing Software

With COATS custom job posting software, information only needs to be input once, then updated, as necessary. Other departments won’t need to input redundant data from reports—saving your staffing agency time and money.