Remote Hiring Solutions

In today’s business environment, staffing companies need to be able to operate effectively, no matter where they are located. COATS cloud-based staffing software solution makes it easy!

Remote Staffing Software Solutions

COATS Staffing Software provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing employee and client information and fulfilling job orders from anywhere, whether you’re in the office or working remotely. Our staffing software for remote hiring retains all information in a cloud-based application that can be accessed by authorized recruiters,
clients or employees.

Your company job board will mimic the look of your website. All your open positions, created in COATS, are listed on this board, and it’s updated four times a day. Plus, your jobs can post automatically to Facebook, Twitter, Simply Hired and other RSS feed sites. Learn More >>

Everybody wins when applicants apply via your website. They get the convenience of applying online and uploading a resume while you save time and energy because their information is downloaded directly into a COATS Employee Master Record. Applicants can access the Employment application from their phone, tablet, or workstation. Learn More >>

Onboarding is an exciting time. You’ve successfully found the right person for the job, now you just need to get them off on the right foot and ready to succeed in their new job! With COATS Onboarding, you are in control of the required forms, processes, and requirements via the Employee Master Record. Learn More >>

Associates can view and print their paystubs and W2s online from workstations or smartphones. Plus, they can opt-in for W2s, update their contact information, and check in to indicate availability. Now your team can focus on substantive calls instead of spending every Monday morning marking associates available. Learn More >>

Entering data from resumes into COATS takes a lot of time you could spend on more profit-enhancing tasks. Pull the resume from the online application, batch scan or drag and drop resumes; this option uses the resume to create an Employee Master Record in COATS or can link the resume to an existing record. All resume text is searchable via a job order or through the resume platform. Learn More >>

The Client Portal allows easy access to read-only data with your agency. Client Contacts can view their open orders, assign employees, and even add new jobs. They can see closed or open invoices and balances. Learn More >>