Recruiting software for staffing agencies
21st-Century Recruiting
Put the power of technology to work today. Our staffing software helps you automatically post job listings to Facebook, Indeed, Twitter, and Simply Hired. Suddenly, your reach is increased and thousands of potential job candidates see your listings. Send free text messages to potential candidates and watch the phone ring with 21st-century recruiting software; texting provides immediate contact with prospects so you never have to wait.
Employee management software for staffing
Being efficient and organized is something we all aspire to, so use software that helps you get there. All the information you need in one screen make employee management a breeze. Not just the usual contact info, but their education, job history, resume and skills. With one click, you can see an employee’s payroll history, previous assignments, special tax considerations, work authorization clearances, schedule or availability. Finding the best candidate has never been so easy.
CRM staffing software
You don’t need a separate customer relationship management product when you’ve got COATS Staffing Software. You can track your history with a client or prospect, from the initial contact all the way through invoicing. And since invoicing is our favorite part, you can see their entire history right up front. Never fumble for department contacts again; its all right there. Just click to find out which candidates are assigned to a client’s facility right now. Plus amazing turnover reports that are sure to wow.

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Job Orders for staffing
Job Orders
Job Orders are the central component to any staffing organization. Any information entered in a job order is automatically updated in the relevant Client and Employee records, so you always have the most up-to-date information. Plus, the pay, bill and worker’s comp rates are automatically carried from Job Orders to Payroll. The color coding provides instant visual information regarding the status of order and employees. Easy tracking of who placed the order, who filled the order and who is getting ready to start.
Payroll in staffing software
You can put the calculator away. COATS Staffing Software generates all the necessary payroll calculations: overtime, vacation, holiday, non-tax, other pay, direct hire billing, garnishments and tips. Then it generates all billing from same data. COATS’s integration means payroll information is automatically compiled in Accounts Payable for related liabilities and Accounts Receivables for client billing. Automated time and attendance as well as Pay Cards can save you a fortune too. Smooth, seamless, powerful, efficient-ever thought you’d think of payroll in those terms?
Cashflow is crucial in staffing, and COATS’s accounting functions help you stay on top of yours. You won’t have to enter transactions in COATS: Accounts Payable is fully integrated with Payroll, while Accounts Receivable is automatically populated with information from Client’s and Job Orders. Plus, the full-featured customizable General Ledger works for you and generates great financial reports.

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