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Thank you for your interest in COATS staffing and recruiting software solutions. Since 1995 we have helped staffing and recruiting firms optimize processes and operate more efficiently and effectively. We have you covered from the front office to the back office, on the candidate side and the client side, so you can run your business from a single, user-friendly and secure interface.

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COATS is a proud provider of staffing and recruitment software solutions for agencies and businesses across the United States. Since 1995, we have helped our staffing clients of all sizes and in multiple industries operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and compliantly.

We aim to provide staffing and recruiting firms with front- and back-office solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into their existing processes. COATS staffing software links with MS Outlook, Word, Excel, and Crystal Reports.

Additionally, COATS includes a fully-integrated CRM, payroll system, accounting system and delivers multi-state, multi-branch, multi-locality capabilities throughout the entire system. As a leading staffing and employee onboarding software solution, our clients also enjoy options like applicant entry, resume parsing, and online job posting. And the best part is, you can do all of this and more from a single interface.

COATS also provides ongoing support and service from installation through ongoing training. Our services are designed to be as user-friendly as possible so that every client gets the most out of their program.

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